Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Henrietta Wells dies at 96

She's been the most-read-about person on this blog, with thousands of visitors coming to learn more about her. Today,we learn of the death of Henrietta Bell Wells--the lone female debater on the historic Wiley College debate team in the 1930s, depicted in the recent movie The Great Debaters--at age 96. (Read all our posts about Wells here.) Wells was the lone surviving member of the team, which won the first interracial college debates. You'll find the New York Times obituary includes quotes from our exclusive interview about Wells with Jeff Porro, story developer for the movie, and many of the resources you've already seen on this blog. The obit includes photos of Wells with the team, and as she appeared recently. In the wake of the movie, many colleges are reviving the old-style debates and--judging from the interest in our coverage on this blog--thousands of readers have found her an inspiration.