Tuesday, May 13, 2008

welcome, Six Minutes readers...

...and a hat tip to that blog's author, Andrew Dlugan, for including The Eloquent Woman in his list of public speaking blogs, a handy resource for those seeking to learn a variety of public speaking tips.

re-kindle: a new device for speeches?

We blogged early on to suggest that the new Amazon Kindle e-book reader might work as an electronic speech text, for two reasons: It comes equipped with free wi-fi connections and you can receive documents sent to a special email address, and it eliminates the need to shuffle pages. But even before this blog caught on, the Kindle was sold out. The good news: The Amazon Kindle is back in stock and you can order one by clicking on the ad in the column at right or the links in this post. We'll be ordering one and testing it, with a review to follow.