Sunday, June 8, 2008

Speaker updates: Kindle, audioconference tips

On our sister blog, don't get caught news & info, you'll find we often cover topics and tips of interest to women and public speaking. This week, check out these posts relevant to your public speaking needs:

  • Hear me on an audioconference June 17, on how to "Inject Some Life into Your Next Speech: Tips for Boosting Results and Revving up Your Audience," with a special focus on why you need to rev up your speaking skills in this age of social media and other audience distractions. There are 2 registration fees, one of which includes a CD copy of the session, and you can ask questions during the live audioconference. Check out the post for details on how to register and what will be covered.
    • I've finally got my hands on an Amazon Kindle e-book reader and think it has great potential for you in public speaking. My review lists features of the new device that let you toss your paper-text speeches, but they require some practice. Check out the post for details and decide whether it works for you. I'm eager to have your comments if you've used the Amazon Kindle in a public-speaking situation; leave them in the comments on either blog.
      You can find all of the don't get caught news & info blog tips on public speaking here--whenever you click on that link, you'll get our latest posts.