Sunday, July 27, 2008

your opinion: 5 top challenges?

Dana Bristol-Smith, another speaker trainer who focuses on women at her blog, Speak for Success, has started a strong discussion thread on LinkedIn that you may want to join. Her question: What do you see as the top five challenges for giving effective business presentations inside of large companies today? So far, respondents are covering topics that range from logistics to knowing your audience--and thinking through why and whether they care about your point. Join the conversation here, in the comments, or by clicking the link above. You also can go to Dana's blog and leave your comments there.

And for those looking for more resources on women and public speaking, check out this news from Dana's profile:
Dana has recently launched the Speak for Success Women's Leadership Institute...The vision behind the Women’s Leadership Institute is to give women the tools, support, and confidence to:

* Become leaders in corporations and non-profit organizations
* Start their own businesses
* Speak out as advocates for the prevention of domestic violence
* Be inspiring role models for their families and women everywhere

Dana's posted The Eloquent Woman widget on her blog to share our posts with readers--don't forget, you can, too. Just click on the button at right.