Sunday, February 8, 2009

clowning around: public speaking fear

Here's a great performance to educate and entertain young audiences about public speaking fears: Circus INcognitus, written and performed by clown Jamie Adkins. It's coming in March to Washington, DC's Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Here's their description of the program:
He's a clown with something to say--but can't quite get it out! Beginning with an empty stage and a single microphone, shy clown Jamie Adkins musters the courage to face what he fears most: speaking in public. Over the next hour, he uses everyday objects, discarded props, and acrobatic feats to create his very own one-man vaudeville act, with hilarious results! Whether on the ground, on a ladder, or on a high wire, new challenges face Jamie every step of the way, but for every problem there's always a solution. The New York Times says "this dexterous clown walks a daffy line"--showing why you should never give up when all goes wrong. Because you'll never know what you can do until you try! Age 5 and up.
Adkins seems to like clowning around nearly wordlessly with situations where words become a problem, as in here, where he performed on Broadway about writer's block. Go here for tickets and more information about the performances, which take place March 27-29, with some shows already sold out. Take a young girl with you and use this as a chance to talk about public speaking fears, and to encourage her, as a woman, to tackle public speaking.

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