Thursday, August 13, 2009

are women worse than men at speaking?

Here's an inspiring post from the United Kingdom, on a site called The F Word: Contemporary UK Feminism. While it's written about women in engineering, it focuses on why women aren't prevalent in certain fields and what can be done to encourage women and girls to try. But the start focuses on misperceptions about women and their skills, including public speaking:
Women are rubbish at, engineering and technology, manual labour, electronics, computers, at being chefs (despite being expected to cook for the family), at competition, at debates (despite apparently being so argumentative), at giving speeches (despite apparently never being able to stop talking)… the list goes on (nearly) ad infinitum....How can half of the population of the world be naturally, innately worse than the other half at practically everything? The answer is: we are not! ....The truth of the matter is that for each skill or activity, some women are worse than some men, some men are worse than some women, some women are worse than some women and some men are worse than some men. It’s pretty logical, really.
Author Wisrutta Atthakor ends the piece by pointing out the accomplishments made by women in the past to fight for things like the right to speak in public, as inspiration to today's would-be engineers.

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