Wednesday, September 2, 2009

checklist: works in meetings, too

Thanks and a hat tip to Matthew Homann, whose very good blog for lawyers, the [non]billable hour picked up on my checklist for the whole speaker and discerned, correctly, that it works for more than just a formal speech or presentation. He said the list:
...isn't just for presenters. Instead, it is the perfect preparation for nearly every client meeting, negotiation and court appearance....Before your next high-stakes meeting, answer each question, first replacing "Audience" with Client, Judge or even Opposing Counsel. I suspect you'll gain answers that make asking the questions worthwhile.
It's a great point for speakers in any situation or profession: The ways you prepare for a big audience and formal speech aren't, at base, any different from how you should prepare for a small-group work meeting--even one-on-one--or a formal presentation in a different setting.

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