Tuesday, September 1, 2009

on the eve of coaching: letter to stephanie

Stephanie Benoit's going to send me her first video in her 15 weeks of coaching this week--and get some feedback from me on her top three priorities and what we can accomplish in our coaching time together. On the eve of her coaching, I've decided to urge her on a bit more...and urge you to leave her some encouragement in the comments!

Dear Stephanie--

I bet that, about now, you're wondering what you got yourself into. You were frank in admitting that you fear public speaking--and, as the judges and I deliberated, there was a question about whether that would hold you back from completing the 15 weeks of coaching, a very basic requirement for choosing you as the winner.

But we decided you could do it. And I know you can.

I'll just point out that you've done twice what many women couldn't do: You've submitted not one but two videos and put them out there for the world to see, with your own list of improvements you want to make in your public speaking. Speaking itself is complicated enough; speaking about your ability or inability to speak is even more difficult.

We asked for either beginner or experienced speakers to enter, and you're coming to this early on, with almost no real public speaking experience. There's a strong advantage there: You'll have fewer bad habits to unlearn. And no matter what your level of experience, a willingness to learn is most important. Any coach will tell you that's the primary factor in your ability to succeed.

So let me say: Get that first coaching video done without thinking too much about it. Tell me the three things you want to focus on and why, and we'll take it from there.

I'm excited to work with you and to share what we learn with our readers!



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