Thursday, September 24, 2009

public speaking focus of teen pageant

Here's a new twist: A teenage pageant that included public speaking, debate and Q&A drills as part of the competition. Best of all: It was won by a girl who had to overcome her fear of public speaking to win. This article describes the Lexington, Nebraska "Miss Voz Latina" (Miss Latina Voice) winner and high school senior Janeth Barocio, who says of herself "I'm the biggest person with stage fright." She wins $2,000, to be used half for her education and half to attend a conferences on Latino issues; she'll also come to Washington, DC, to meet with senators next spring. From the article:
Despite her fear of speaking, she developed a presentation on obesity. She also prepared herself to debate another contestant....she has learned, “You have to let go of being shy sometimes. You have to give it a chance and put yourself out there. Be willing to give it a chance.”
Wise words from a young inspiration. Barocio will spend the next year giving presentations on her platform issue, childhood obesity, getting a strong start to her speaking career.

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