Tuesday, September 1, 2009

share your first speaking experience

On The Eloquent Woman's page on Facebook, we've started a discussion where you can recall your first non-school public speaking experience and how it impacted you. Two readers have shared theirs so far, including:

  • Fran Briggs, who wrote: "I was nervous, but looking at the tape afterwards, you couldn't tell. I remember two students whispering during most of my presentation. I thought that was pretty rude. Then, they got up. I was relieved because I thought they were going to leave. They didn't. Instead, they walked down the ailse to get better seats. After I finished, they both told me how much I inspired them..."
  • Anna Tracy recalled speaking at "Rainbow, it's an organization for teenage women to serve their community. At one of our events I had recited "Ragged Old Flag" written by Johnny Cash. There was one woman who came up to me afterwards and asked, how did I manage to know how to project my voice, make eye contact and engage everyone like I did. There was no answer that I could give her. It was then I realized what I could not do on paper, I could give in speech."

Share your first public speaking experience on Facebook, or here in the comments!

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