Wednesday, September 2, 2009

week 1: let the coaching begin

Here's my first post in the 15 Weeks to Step Up Your Speaking program, in which I'll be coaching Stephanie Benoit as she works on her top three priorities--building confidence, making eye contact and connections with the audience, and preparing appropriately (but not overpreparing) for her public presentations.

Stephanie has chosen three priorities that may be working together to contribute to and reinforce her fear of public speaking. That's thoughtful on her part, and her choices for this coaching may be the most important factor in her eventual success. We'll find out more as we go through the next 15 weeks, but I've asked her to think more about the "why" behind each of her priorities--why they are issues for her, or what's prompting them. And sometimes, just realizing that your practices are reinforcing a negative result is helpful in changing your behavior.

Next week, our program calls for us to work on developing a message. I've asked Stephanie to think about what she wants to say so we can work together on coming up with a message; that process will help her with the planning aspects she wants to address. And please: Send an encouraging note or comment here on on The Eloquent Woman on Facebook to share your perspective, cheer Stephanie on, or offer constructive comments as we go forward.

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Stephanie Benoit: "Not just a contest to me"

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