Monday, October 26, 2009

week 9: Stephanie focuses on preparation

"How do you prepare without overpreparing?" Stephanie Benoit asks as we turn to her third priority for stepping up her speaking. She shares a story of feeling nervous and underprepared, but also has written about finding that she prepares too much sometimes--another nervous response when she's anticipating speaking. She asks a great followup question: How do you prepare enough, but also leave room to change directions when you are speaking, if that's necessary? For a beginning speaker, Stephanie has a sophisticated feel for what she may need to do when giving a talk, and changing direction is a good example.

What are your tips and tricks for preparing without adding to your anxiety--or for preparing, but remaining flexible? Stephanie and I are both enjoying the feedback, so keep your ideas and contributions coming. I'll have my tips ready for her soon!


Anonymous said...

Hey Steph! Great question. I often do PowerPoint presentations where i have a one or two key points i want to come out of each slide. I write those down on the slides when i print them out. I usually print them and write it out twice since writing things helps me to remember. Then i focus on remembering the flow of the slides. This way i know what's important about the slide without memorizing anything. Also, when people ask questions and break the flow, i can address the question and then get back on track by transitioning to the next slide.

Stephanie Benoit said...

Thank you! I appreciate the advice!

Stephanie Benoit said...
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