Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Final exam: Speak at the mall

You might expect a public speaking class to include a live presentation in front of your classmates. But at Adirondack Community College in New York state, public speaking students in Sean Mathews' class had to give their final speech at the mall--Aviation Mall in Queensberry, to be exact. According to this article, the 20 students took turns giving their presentations outside the mall's J.C. Penney store, and the location was part of the instructor's plan. From the article:
Mathews, an adjunct English professor, said he wanted students to speak in a public place. This was the first time he had used a mall.

"It's really the perfect challenge for this course," he said. "I want them to experience giving a speech out in public."

Students had to speak loudly enough to be heard over the ambient music and noise inside the mall. And they had to project to a larger audience.
Good reminders for beginner speakers: Make sure you work in a public presentation before you consider yourself "ready." Congratulations to this class for taking the plunge in a public place.

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