Tuesday, February 10, 2009

new Kindle offers features for speakers

The new model of the Amazon Kindle was released yesterday (see the New York Times's live-blogging from the announcement here). You know I'm excited about using the Kindle as a text-carrier for speeches from my previous posts, so I noted that new features of the Kindle 2 include some that may benefit speakers: 20 percent faster "page-turning" -- essential for you to be able to keep your text moving quickly while you speak -- as well as longer battery life, 2G of memory and capacity equivalent to 1,500 books. You also may find useful the "text-to-speech" feature, which allows the Kindle to read any document aloud to you -- for speakers, that means you can listen to another voice read your text so you can devote yourself to listening for awkward phrases or areas you might mispronounce. Amazon has made the Kindle even thinner, just one-third of an inch, making it all the more unobtrusive as a speech-text device. And the display includes more shades of gray, making it easier to read. (Check the Amazon announcement for more features.)

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