Thursday, May 21, 2009

where are top current women speakers?

Trainer Jess Todtfeld wrote to me to say, "I have been looking more closely for video of great female speakers. I am really surprised how many sites point to women of the past and not enough to the present." I agree with Jess: Examples--especially visual ones--of outstanding modern female speakers are sorely lacking. This could be about a lack of video, but I doubt it. I've observed before that lists like the "top 100 American political speeches," only a handful of women appear--and even fewer are our contemporaries. (On that list, only Barbara Jordan makes it to the top 10.)

So here's a call for good video examples: If you've got an eloquent woman speaker at your organization, or are a fan of a particular speech that demonstrates what current women can do as speakers, please submit video of her to info[at]dontgetcaught[dot]biz, or use the comments to tell us where to find it. I'll do some searching, too. Please feel free to share this request with others! I'll post the examples and am hoping we will find enough to compile our own list. No limits: These can be famous, infamous or relatively unknown speakers, but do add a few words to let us know why you think they are particularly eloquent examples.

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