Saturday, July 11, 2009

don't let video hold up your contest entry

A couple of brave souls have left comments here or on our Facebook page to say, "I'm absolutely entering your contest, but have to get over my fear of being on video!" And I hear you, sister: I went back and forth on whether to include a video entry, and whether to use video exchanges in the contest training. I'm hoping you will enter a short video and gain the benefits of the contest (entry details here) after you hear my rationale:
  • Using video lets me coach you wherever you are: I didn't want to limit entries to women who could meet me in person, so using video and uploads or emails makes sense for long-distance learning.
  • Using video makes it easy to fit into our busy lives: You're busy, and I'm busy. Emailing me questions and practice by video will make it easy for us to get the coaching fit into our schedules.
  • Nobody's looking. Seriously. Despite the great traffic for online video, you only need to look into your webcam/camera/Flip camcorder and talk to me, Denise. No need to play to an audience. Just tell me your top 3 priorities for what you want to accomplish.
  • The judging doesn't involve production values. You don't need stylists, a professional-grade camera setup or even makeup. Just talk to me.
  • Being able to get on even a short video tells me something....about your willingness to get up in front of an audience or even a coach. Again, no need for perfection here.

Got questions about how to do this? Email them to me at info[at]dontgetcaught[dot]biz or leave them as a comment here on on our Facebook page. Grab a pal to help you get it done! You have until midnight ET July 31 to enter, and I'm hoping you will.