Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Red Cross president talks tough

Speechwriter Jeff Porro profiles American Red Cross President Gail McGovern in his "Tough Talk for Hard Times" blog this week, highlighting her recent address to the National Press Club in the video above. Porro notes that when she took the job just over a year ago:
... the easiest problem she faced was how to close an operating deficit of $209 million within two years.

The really tough problems included (in her own words) “eight named hurricanes and tropical storms … a record tornado season, the worst wildfires in California history and the worst flooding in the Midwest in 15 years.” Oh yeah, and she took the job just before an historic economic meltdown that made more people want Red Cross help, and fewer people want to make contributions.
I'm glad to have the chance to help Jeff highlight the speaking skills of this remarkable eloquent woman. What do you think of her persuasiveness?

The confidence bible: what trainers say

Building confidence in public speaking is the goal of most of my trainees. Here's a roundup of tips on building confidence and battling your speaking fears from some of the best speaker coaches who blog on the topic. I'm hoping this small "confidence bible" of tips will get us all ready for this week's Step Up Your Speaking coaching session, where Stephanie Benoit will work on just that as her first priority,
You can find all my posts on fear and public speaking here, but two fan favorites ask Do you overprepare for speaking? and what to do when the speaker needs to catch her breath, on why you may experience the fight-or-flight response when you start speaking--and what to do about it.