Thursday, September 17, 2009

week 3, part 3: how not to compare to others

Here's a two-part question to build confidence: How do you stop comparing yourself to other speakers--and how do you build your own style as a speaker? Stephanie's third question about her top priority for our Step Up Your Speaking program gets at an issue many speakers face. So this video offers my suggestions, including real-time experience as a speaker--and making sure that, for every speaker you watch for ideas, you spend more time honing your own skills and style. What else would you share with Stephanie on this issue?

week 3, part 2: how not to sound silly

"How do you know you don't sound silly?" Stephanie asked as part of her questions on building confidence--I think we all wonder about this. So my answer in the video above looks at content, appearance and approaches that will help her be (and seem) confident. What else can you share from your experience to help this beginning speaker?

week 3, part 1: confidence through focus

Stephanie had three questions about her top priority, building confidence as a speaker, and the first one was, "How do you avoid getting distracted and stay focused?" In this video, I'm giving her answers about how her content, the venue and her mindset all can be shaped to build her confidence and help her avoid distractions. What do you suggest, based on your experience?