Sunday, September 27, 2009

September's top tips for speakers

Time to shake the sand out of your shoes, finally, and get into fall with our top tips from the action-packed month of September on the Eloquent Woman blog. Here's what our readers consulted most this month:

  1. Can gesturing help your speaking? The answer is yes, and this month's most popular post explains the science behind gestures and why they work so well.
  2. Speaking from strength is an issue for many women, so I offered these 6 statements I think are the strongest ones any speaker can make--keep them at the ready!
  3. Handling questions -- especially when they get your talk off-track -- continues to be a topic our readers consult, making these graceful ways with Q&A popular in September.
  4. Webinar or conference call speakers will want these tips for handling yourself when the audience is invisible, our next-most-popular post.
  5. Prepping to speak in a meeting? The [non]billable hour blog thinks our checklist for the whole speaker is the "perfect preparation" for meetings, negotiations, even court appearances, and made it a popular tip this month.
  6. Developing a message was among the coaching areas we covered this month with contest winner Stephanie Benoit. Readers followed along with this post on message basics.
  7. How can you learn more about your audience? A reader posed this question, and the answer was one of the month's top tips.
  8. Building up your confidence as a speaker? So is our contest winner. My advice to her on her top priority as a speaker: Fake it until you make it, with 12 ways to seem confident before you really are.
  9. Confidence tips from other speaker coaches made up this "confidence bible" post, one of our top reads.
  10. Can you see yourself speaking? Better yet, can we? This post urges you to post a photo of yourself speaking on The Eloquent Woman on Facebook--I'd like to build a photo gallery of women speaking so there are good role models out there. This was inspired by one of our Facebook fans, who uses a picture of herself speaking as her profile photo.