Thursday, December 10, 2009

Stephanie steps up to end...and begin

It's week 15 of our Step Up Your Speaking program, and in this final session, Stephanie Benoit gets to ask three more questions about public speaking. She also uses this video to look back on the experience. I'll be responding to her questions later today, but she's also eager to hear your comments and advice as she moves forward. She may be ending this program, but she's just starting on her road as a public speaker. Here are Stephanie's final questions for me--and for all of you:
  • Stephanie wants to keep up the momentum: What other resources--books, links, ideas--can we recommend for her to keep her going?

  • She wants more on how to successfully book an event. She's begun pursuing speaking engagements, based on what we reviewed in an earlier week, but is looking for ideas, materials she may need to market herself as a speaker and more.

  • What does she need to do to turn this into a successful business? Speaking's one part of a business she envisions that will help empower women. How does she use this new skill as a way of becoming "financially free," as she puts it?

Stephanie used the end of her video the way a good speaker should: by sharing how and where you can find her on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, a great example of the follow-up strategies we discussed. What are your ideas, encouragements and recommendations for this starting-out speaker? If you have advice (or a speaking engagement) for her, leave it in the comments!