Friday, January 29, 2010

New! Get the 'Step Up Your Speaking' newsletter

I'm launching a new monthly newsletter, Step Up Your Speaking. Every month, you'll get a free, dense-packed issue focused on one aspect of public speaking, so you can have all of The Eloquent Woman's tips on that topic in one convenient place. 

I hope the newsletter format will serve as a kind of ready-reference for you--your own personal file of solutions for these and other public speaking challenges:
  • Speaking up in meetings
  • Preparing for a big speech
  • What to wear when you speak or present
  • Eye contact and engaging your audience
  • Becoming a dynamic speaker
  • Getting speaking engagements--and evaluating offers
  • Handling the new Twitter backchannel
  • Using language to make your speech sing
  • Strong starts and finishes
  • Graceful ways with Q&A
  • Your first speech
And much more!  I welcome your suggestions for topics you'd like to see handled in-depth in the newsletter, and hope you will forward this information to your colleagues and friends.  Using the Step Up Your Speaking monthly newsletter, you can focus on a new topic each month and improve your speaking skills over the course of several months or more.  Please leave a comment with what you'd like to see in the newsletter.

Go to the link below to sign up for this free newsletter:

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