Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Get a free 30-minute voice appraisal

Kate Peters, vocal coach and author of the Kate's Voice blog, is offering 8 lucky readers the chance for a 30-minute "voice valentine" appraisal of your voice, a great resource for speakers who want to improve their presence and vocal quality. Here's what you get, from her blog:
A 30-minute session on the phone with me. I will listen to your voice, and evaluate how you use it, based on vocal image, vocal health, and considering any specific vocal issues you may be experiencing. I’ll also make recommendations for ways to improve or expand your voice. This is a $100 value. Although I’m offering this as a Valentine special, the offer is also open to those who want help with their voices for public speaking, teaching, training, work or singing, or if you just want to create a better voice. So if you have been looking to get some voice help and haven’t known where to start or if you have been thinking about contacting me, this is your chance.
Readers, take advantage of this offer, only available to the first 8 responders to her post. Instructions for contacting her are at the link above. Kate's the author of our recent guest posts on assessing and improving your vocal image. Please let us know if you're one of the successful entrants!

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Anne said...

I am one of the lucky people who got a "voice valentine" with Kate Peters. Wow! Such a supportive and astute coach...and it didn't feel like we were a continent away (I live in NYC, while Kate is on the West Coast.) Kate cleared up some issues that have been nagging at me for years, and pinpointed that one change that will make all the difference as I work with women on their presentations. Thank you soooo much, to Kate and the Eloquent Woman blog, where I found out about Kate.