Sunday, August 8, 2010

At #BlogHer, a haiku on women and public speaking

At the recent BlogHer conference, one event featured all sorts of handcrafted items--a real contrast to the online and virtual work of the women bloggers in attendance.  An artist made sketches; crafters were making hand-assembled buttons. At one station, Momku blogger Alana Reynolds, who blogs haiku about motherhood, had been given a tiny blue portable manual typewriter on which to compose haiku for the meeting's attendees.  I told her my blog was about women and public speaking, or just speaking up.  She thought about it for a few minutes, then hunt-and-pecked out this gem for me to take away:
What happens when a woman speaks her mind?
Find out. Let the words fly.
You can see a photo of the original, complete with faint type from the bad ink ribbon on the typewriter, below. It's a great souvenir from BlogHer--and I hope, some inspiration for your public speaking.

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