Friday, October 22, 2010

Need to find a female founder to speak in New York City? Look no further...

Reader Allison Ehrich Bernstein wrote in this week to say "Just saw this via the blog swissmiss and thought it belonged on The Eloquent Woman." And she's right, because "this" is "A Field Guide to the Female Founders, Influencers and Deal Makers of the New York Tech and Media Scene."  Swissmiss suggested using this list as a guide to finding powerful women who can serve as speakers for your next event. List founder Sara Holubek, herself a CEO and founder of Luminary Labs, urges you to mine the list for speakers, mentors and good examples of women who've risen to the top. It now includes about 300 women, with the option to search by name, title or company--or to suggest another influencer for the list.

It's another example of a practical response to the suggestion that "we can't find any qualified women" to speak on panels, part of the perennial issue of getting women on the program that's often just an excuse to exclude women speakers. (And it's a problem even in female-dominated professions.)  Lists like this one serve an important purpose--as a resource and as a stopgap against the excuse that "we can't find any qualified women" to be on the program.

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