Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lend me your ears: A new "great speeches on audio" page

Friends, readers, eloquent women (and men), lend me your ears:  The Eloquent Woman blog has a new page devoted to helping you listen to great speeches as a means of improving your own public speaking.

The new Great speeches on audio page includes:
  • Tips on listening to yourself on audio as an important way to improve your next speech.  (In fact, listening to a recording of yourself in the car during drive time's one of my favorite ways to find time to practice public speaking.)
  • Ways to glean lessons from famous recorded speeches, including some free sources of audio and what you can get from listening to others speak.
  • Special Audible.com subscriber discounts for readers of The Eloquent Woman, and a roster of links to collections of famous speeches by African-American and Hispanic speakers, presidents and world leaders, and big compilations of great speeches--some you've heard many times, others more obscure but no less great. Some are read by actors or colleagues, some are original recordings of the famous speaker.  Audible has a great collection of speeches, books on English as a second language, and practice skills for speakers, and the special discounts allow you to save on regular downloads that you can listen to on your computer, iPod or mobile device.
Check out the page and let me know if you spot other offerings we can add to it--and enjoy listening to these inspiring speeches.

1 FREE Audiobook RISK-FREE from Audible

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