Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Presentations: Go big, go small, go collaborative with these 4 resources

Presenters are always looking for the next great trick, tool or technology to keep you from sleeping in front of their slides--or to make the dance of the presenter go more smoothly. Here are four new resources to check out as potential supports for your next presentation:
  1. Forget pocket protectors. Try pocket projectors:  Silicon Alley Insider reviews 7 pocket projectors they promise will make your next presentation less boring...I'd rather you took charge of that, but the convenience factor is high with these small slide-showers
  2. Slides should not be snooze-worthy, says 10,000 Words, a journalism blog. It offers these good, basic tips for keeping your slides from sending the audience to sleep.
  3. If your slides are already smart, perhaps you want to enter SlideShare's "world's best presentation" contest, this year with categories for nonprofits and other types of organizations.  I wish this contest included footage of people delivering the slides, too--that's far more than half the battle.
  4. Prezi adds meeting collaboration features:  I like as a way of moving out of PowerPoint, and now the popular presentation tool includes a meeting collaboration set of features detailed by Mashable! and by tech guru Robert Scoble.  It's a real-time collaboration tool, which ups the ante for your next presentation.
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