Monday, December 27, 2010

Clip and save posts from The Eloquent Woman with Evernote

Readers who want to clip and save posts from The Eloquent Woman now have an easy way to do so, using the note-taking application Evernote.  If you like a post, just click on the "clip" button at the end of the post, and a window will open to let you save it to your Evernote account--or start an account and save the clip, if you don't yet have one.  Evernote offers a free service as well as a premium option that lets you store more capacity in more formats (including video and audio files), makes PDFs searchable, adds secure encryption and lets you offer others the chance to edit your notes to make this a collaboration tool.  Go ahead--click on the "clip" button below to save this blog post to your Evernote notebooks, or to find signup information.  Let me know how you're using this versatile tool.

Clip to Evernote
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