Thursday, December 30, 2010

December's top 10 public speaking tips

December brings many holidays, and here at The Eloquent Woman, we're also celebrating the end of a successful 2010--and a month in which a wide variety of posts from the blog were popular, from those focused on gift ideas for speakers to gender issues in public speaking, language insights and advice for newbies and organizers. Celebrate your public speaking skills with the top 10 most-read posts from the blog in December:
  1. If I were speaking at TEDWomen, here's what I'd say about the future of women and girls was written in November, but zoomed in popularity when the TEDWomen conference convened in early December. It's my take on how we can help women and girls be more confident about public speaking by stopping the 4 myths about women and public speaking that have persisted for centuries.
  2. Getting from "no" to "yes" in negotiation with storytelling shares a video of negotiation expert William Ury talking about his efforts to encourage peaceful relations in the Middle East by using storytelling to break down a negotiation standoff. An inspiring story in itself!
  3. No more pen and pencil sets: My top 10 gifts for speakers was so popular that I hope you're the benefiiciary of one of these great gifts, either now at the holidays or when you give your next speech.  Share this with the program organizers in your professional groups, if you bring in speakers.
  4. Organizing a speech with new tech tools? A no-surprises manifesto took a lesson from what happened during a Steve Martin talk in New York, when the organizers took in messages from online audiences, but didn't tell the speaker--until someone walked onstage with a note to ask him to change the subject, based on email comments.  It's my list of what organizers owe speakers when high-tech audience engagement is part of the deal.
  5. What's your public speaking or presenting resolution for 2011?  I know readers are working on their resolutions, and public speaking improvements are great ones to put on those lists.  Feel free to share your resolution in the comments on this post.
  6. Language works: This is your brain on metaphors takes a neuroscience look at what's happening in your brains when you use complex metaphors. The good news: You and your audience can handle them easily. The post points you to a thoughtful, longer read on why that is so, and how it works in your brain.
  7. The speaker's stocking: Replace your remote with a mini Bluetooth keyboard was one of the most popular of the gift posts this month. Stay in control with this gift suggestion that opens up your options when presenting.
  8. Confessions of a newbie public speaker, a guest post by Georgy Cohen, came just in time if you're considering making 2011 a year of improving your public speaking. That's what she vowed to do in 2010, and this post shares her insights, results and resources.
  9. The speaker's stocking: Speech-bubble gifts, tools and tech are gifts with fun and purpose. They're all shaped like speech bubbles, but run the gamut from whiteboards and chalkboards to stickers, decals, mini-speakers and more. Great for teachers, trainers, presenters, kids and you.
  10. Sheryl Sandberg just might be my Eloquent Woman of the Year helped me end the year with video of a powerful speech from a powerful woman, the COO of Facebook.  She shares insights into why there are so few women in powerful positions, and her three suggestions for how to change that, but also shares what she's learned from other women about her own public speaking and why we may need to start by changing our habits, first.  A moving, powerful talk.
The first issue of the Step Up Your Speaking newsletter for 2011 comes out in the first week of the new year, so now is a great time to sign up at the link below. And later this week, I'll share the top 10 posts for 2010, so you can end the year right. Happy new year!

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