Monday, December 13, 2010

Telepromptitude with a free tool: CuePrompter

CuePrompter is an online teleprompter--which means you just need to get to the website on your computer or mobile device to use this new tool.  All you need to do is cut and paste your script into the window right on the home page, and click on a button to start.  You can adjust speed; scroll forward, stop or reverse; and take advantage of two screen sizes and two font sizes. This post on 10,000 Words suggests CuePrompter as a portable tool for journalists in the field.  But whether you use it on the fly or in the comfort of your office, it's another great tool in your speaker toolkit.

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1 comment:

Jennifer Collins said...

This is very cool! I recorded a company video using a teleprompter not too long ago, however, it was done with someone recording me and a tech working the teleprompter. For me, the issue with the Cueprompter is that you have to use your computer (which I guess is the point). But I like having the option of using another camera(i.e. being recorded), and then the teleprompter separate. Perhaps I could position my laptop and recording device right next to each other and sit back at a distance....

The other thing too is speeding up and slowing down. If I need to do manually, then that will show on screen. But I guess I could make sure to space my delivery so that it works at one of the speeds.

There's definitely opportunity with this!!