Sunday, January 31, 2010

Your next role model: Harriet Richardson Ames

The next time you are about to give up on a goal, I want you to think of your new role model, Harriet Richardson Ames.

In this Cleveland Plain Dealer column, you can read the whole story:  She graduated in 1931 with a two-year degree, and, once the college offered a four-year diploma, she wedged in courses at night to complete it.  Forty years after getting her two-year certificate, she was ready to retire from teaching and wondered if she could get that diploma. She was short one course: Public speaking.  And by now, she couldn't take the class due to failing eyesight.
"I was already going around talking to panels," she told film professor Larry Benaquist, who interviewed her two years ago for a documentary about the college's upcoming centennial. "The ladies' circles had me come, the Rotary had me come -- I was already doing public speaking."
Administrators and faculty rallied around and figured out how to get her the diploma, handed to her the day before she died earlier this month at age 100.  The video above is from the documentary footage, in which she explains some of the mixup.

Now, about that goal you were going to give up on?