Thursday, February 25, 2010

Top public speaking tips for February

February flew by, so as I pause at month's end, here are the most popular posts and tips from this month, as a Valentine for my readers:
  1. Love's in the details.  So if you want to make your storytelling compelling, pay attention to the small stuff.  This popular post, the month's favorite, tells you how with real examples.
  2. Was Valentine a myth?  I don't know, but I can tell you 4 myths you should stop spreading about women and public speaking.  See if these sound familiar--and stop them in their tracks.
  3. A valentine for women's voices.  Sarah Palin took some flack for writing speaking notes on her hand. When asked about it, Michelle Obama took the high road--and reinforced the importance of women speaking out. Watch the video.
  4. And about those love notes...  Palin's palmed notes offer us the chance to ask in this post, what's wrong with using notes?  Another popular post.
  5. Vocal valentine:  Vocal coach Kate Peters offered a few lucky readers her "voice valentine," a free assessment, in this post.  Check the comments to hear what one winner got out of her session! Two Eloquent Woman readers got to take advantage of this generous offer.
  6. Love train(ing):  This post reinforces why training's useful for speakers, with 36 ways you can use your public speaking training.  If this doesn't convince your boss, well....
  7. Recite your love poems, practice a webcast or broadcast, or just get used to teleprompting with this new digital tool: an online teleprompter into which you can enter your text and practice at your desk
  8. I love you, but:  Need to interrupt, as Madeleine Albright urges women to do in meetings? A reader requested these 7 ways to interrupt politely but effectively, another popular post.
  9. From me to you:  Based on my own workshops, I advise that if you've got lots to say, you save it for the Q&A. How to manage your content and make the audience enthused.
  10. Love for the history books.  To continue sharing great, current examples of women speakers, we celebrated Black History Month by pulling together your suggestions for today's great black women speakers.   This post includes lots of video and speech examples for you to consult.
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