Sunday, March 28, 2010

March muchness: Our top 10 tips of the month

March brought women's history month, the advent of spring, and all sorts of speaking tips, inspiration and news...and The Eloquent Woman on Facebook surpassed 2,000 fans! Here are the top 10 posts from March 2010 on The Eloquent Woman:

  1. Afraid to flop? Check out these lessons I gleaned when the much-awaited keynote by the CEO of Twitter bored, rather than energized, his audience. It's this month's most popular post.
  2. Social media's remixing the recipe for public speaking, from who speaks when to who's listening.  Here are the six factors you need to consider when you're speaking today.
  3. Are gestures and words the same?  Turns out your brain's translating the meaning of words and gestures in the same way.  This post is part of our "Speaking Science" series on research about public speaking.
  4. Should you stand when you speak?  I've got six reasons why you should, whether you're on a phone call or giving a keynote.  (A popular post, and one the Twitter CEO should've seen before he gave his seated keynote.)
  5. You know you shouldn't point at an audience, so I've got five tips for how to avoid pointing that will keep you out of trouble and still let you indicate individuals or directions.
  6. Are you speaking up less at work in these tough times?  This post summarizes a discussion on that topic--can women still talk tough in tough times?--from The Eloquent Woman on Facebook.
  7. I've never given a speech in an elevator.  But the principles of the so-called "elevator speech" are the basics of developing a message--and I've got four sets of tips to help you plan your content this way.
  8. Speakers, don't fear the questions.  I've got 17 reasons you should welcome, even encourage, audience questions. Try them out!
  9. A woman delivered 2009's top commencement speech, I'm happy to say, and we've got it for you in this popular post.
  10. March was Women's History Month, and this post looked at history through the lens of women speakers.  It hasn't been an easy history, but you can be proud and inspired by these important stories.
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