Thursday, April 8, 2010

Say it in your own voice, girlfriend!

Kate Peters, voice coach and author of the Kate's Voice blog, asked me to write about finding your voice.  It's a topic I've spent a lot of time considering, but even I was surprised with what I contributed.  You can read the post, "Say it in your own voice, girlfriend!"  and here's what Kate had to say about it:
I asked Denise Graveline, author of the fine blog, “The Eloquent Woman,” to tackle the topic of “finding your voice” as a woman speaker. Her thoughtful consideration of the topic gives us an appreciation for women’s unique talents and fears related to presenting. Her advice is this: to find your voice, you must start with who you are and use your feminine advantage. Here’s how.
I like it well enough that I've made a permanent page for it here...and, as there's always more to say, I welcome your thoughts in the comments.