Friday, August 13, 2010

Tricks, tips and thinking about slides: Four ways

Slides are always an option, whether you use or forego them.  If you haven't revved up or rethought your slide tactics, take a moment to consider these four options before you plan your next presentation:
  • Can you use your slides to drive tweets from the audience?  Dan Zarella thinks so, and shows you how to structure slides that will encourage and perhaps shape the takeaways that translate into good Twitter coverage.
  • Animate text and objects in PowerPoint 2010, using this step-by-step tutorial from the How-To Geek.  Just promise me you won't overuse this tool and make your audience dizzy or disgusted.
  • Make up with PowerPoint, says Kevin Dugan, whose Strategic Public Relations blog suggests you try new tactics ranging from improv with slides to a musical soundtrack to fall in love again.  (There's an embedded video to share one of the tactics.)
  • The era of the slide presentation is one we're still in, although Olivia Mitchell says it's time to get ready for the third era of presenting--the era of the audience. Step away from your slides and enjoy this thoughtful piece that puts them in perspective.
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