Tuesday, October 5, 2010

For Wed.: Newsletter, & workshop discount for subscribers

It's a great day to sign up for Step Up Your Speaking, the free monthly newsletter from The Eloquent Woman. This month's issue will be out tomorrow, and it focuses on dynamic speaking skills--also the topic of my early November two-day workshop, Good On Your Feet! to be held in Washington, DC.

An even better reason to sign up: Subscribers can take 25 percent off the registration fee for the workshop.  Details on how to subscribe or how to register for the workshop are below.

Every month, Step Up Your Speaking looks in-depth at a particular speaking issue, so you have lots of resources from The Eloquent Woman in one place.  I welcome your ideas and thoughts about content for future issues--please do leave them in the comments.  Looking forward to seeing you at the workshop!

Learn how to be a dynamic speaker in my next two-day workshop, Good on Your Feet: A dynamic speaking skills workshop, November 3 and 4 in Washington, DC.  If you subscribe to Step Up Your Speaking, the free monthly email newsletter from The Eloquent Woman, you'll qualify for 25 percent off the workshop registration fee.  Go here to subscribe...then become a fan of The Eloquent Woman on Facebook and join the conversation with thousands of other women (and men) about public speaking skills and confidence.