Wednesday, October 27, 2010

4 video pep talks, inspirations & diversions to help you de-stress before speaking

The Eloquent Woman can't always be there with you (although we're a mobile-friendly site and working on other virtual ways to be at the ready when you speak).  If you need to dial up short, confidence-building reminders, here are a handful of videos you can watch just before speaking to de-stress. focus and get brave. Find a quiet stairwell and watch away:

Actor and acting and vocal coach Patsy Rodenburg talks about acting and being "present in the moment." But mainly, this is about how she used acting skills and being present to listen to someone she thought would be a difficult audience member--and learned his real story. Keep this firmly in mind.

Patrick E. McLean spoke at Ignite! Charlotte on where ideas come from, but you'll want to listen to his words on how truly successful creative people "do not attach to failure" and keep moving. So should you:

Laughter's a great stress-breaker, and watching the funny "Whose Line Is It, Anyway?" crew improvise will inspire you on how to wing it while making you smile:

And yes, the Super-Positive Little Girl video: "I can do anything good!" End with this one, then go off and speak!

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