Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Presentations can help you get credit for your work--and more money

Have you ever associated work presentations with your paycheck? Maybe you should, according to finance blog Mint.  It notes presentations as number one in its list of six strategies to make sure you're getting credit for your work.  Under "give presentations when possible," it reminds you that when it comes time for a promotion, your manager is going through the equivalent of a "highlights reel" in his head....and you need to be sure your best image appears in that mental image. The post advises:

People don’t just remember great presentations and ideas; they remember the people who delivered the message. If someone else is delivering your message, even if they give you credit, they are stealing the spotlight from you.
Instead of handing the work off to someone else, take every opportunity to present your ideas to upper management yourself. People remember good ideas based on where they came from, so you need to make sure when they recall your good idea, they remember that it came from your mouth. This is a really easy tactic to help you get credit for your work.
That's a great incentive to volunteer to give more presentations, to share your slides after the session with follow-up notes, and to send your boss a list of your successful presentations before your next performance review.

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