Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Davos forum to set quota for women at meeting

The World Economic Forum's gender diversity committee has announced that the exclusive meeting has imposed a minimum quota for women's participation at the meeting in Davos, Switzerland. From the Guardian:
The forum's "strategic partners" – a group of about 100 companies including Barclays, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank – have been told they must bring along at least one woman in every group of five senior executives sent to the high-profile event. Strategic partners account for 500 of the 2,500 participants expected this year at a gathering where David Cameron will rub shoulders with the Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev, historian Niall Ferguson, UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon, at least one member of the Saudi royal family and countless business supremos and members of the academic elite....Fewer than 3% of chief executives of the world's biggest 500 companies are women, and a little over 15% of ministerial and parliamentary positions are occupied by women, the WEF said today.
This gets women in the room, but not necessarily on the program. Go here to see all our posts about getting women on the program as speakers. What do you think about this diversity move?

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Nikita T. Mitchell said...

The link to see more posts didn't work.

Denise Graveline said...

I appreciate the heads-up--the link should be working now.