Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Using Evernote to prepare speeches and presentations: One CEO's approach

In A better filing system for public speakers (and writers), publishing CEO Michael Hyatt shares how he uses Evernote to gather, store, search and prepare his speeches--with ideas useful to you whether you give speeches and presentations, or just prepare them for others.

I use Evernote every day (check out my list of 8 ways communicators can use Evernote) for a wide variety of personal and professional note-taking.  Using the site for speeches and presentations is a next step I'm ready to take, and Hyatt's suggestions are a great guide.He has set up notebooks in Evernote for illustrations, jokes, quotes and statistics, and is now going through all his blog posts, web articles, digital books and even hardcopy books to put material he's already gathered into those four categories, creating a storehouse of material from which to draw upon when he's writing a speech.

Here's why that works: Once you enter text into Evernote, it becomes searchable. So if Hyatt enters text about a certain topic into Evernote, he need not remember where it is. He can tag the item to find it quickly later, or just search for a term and see what comes up. (You can enter files of any type, including video, audio and photos--and if you use the Evernote mobile device app to, say, snap a photo of someone you've met at a conference, even the text on her nametag can be searched in Evernote.)  Evernote is available as a desktop platform, in the cloud on its website and as a mobile app.  It has partnerships with a wide range of devices and services, and you can even buy scanners that let you enter text into Evernote directly.

And why stop with just your actual presentation or speech? You might create a notebook for each speaking gig, with maps and directions, forms, followups, even scanned business cards from contacts you met.

I'm an Evernote affiliate. You can certainly choose its free application, or for $45, the premium version with more storage and search options--in which case, I get a small fee. More important to me: Evernote's a major boost to my productivity and creativity. Speechwriters and speakers, check it out!  If you click on the Evernote button, below, you can save this post--and set up a free or premium account in a pop-up window. Give it a try and let me know how you're using this tool to create your presentations and speeches.
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