Monday, April 18, 2011

Audition for a TED Talk: Entries due April 24

If you've dreamed of giving a TED talk, here's good news: TED is inviting you to submit a short video that might lead to your giving a real TED talk, in its first public auditions.

The TED (short for technology-education-design) conference and  its spin-offs feature short speeches that push unusual ideas, and this audition also is seeking creative formats for your talk. The ideas shared on the TED blog are ideas you can borrow for a regular presentation as well as your TED audition:
Imagine:- a ‘slide-blizzard,’ a presentation containing more images than words- a talk accompanied by an imaginative soundtrack- a talk given in front of a custom-animated movie- clever ‘choreography’ between a speaker’s words and what we see on-screen- improv / audience interaction- intense campfire-style storytelling- a brilliant performance (music, spoken-word, dance … surprise us!)- a rant delivered at blitzkrieg pace, an intelligent comic routine, a mystery- a remarkable new invention- or… just an amazingly good classic TED talk with an ingenious ‘idea worth spreading’
Here's the process: You make a one-minute video to show how you speak and any creative format you choose, and upload it to YouTube or Vimeo. Then send a link to your video along with an application. Speakers chosen from the video auditions will get to give their TED talks in front of a live audience of TED staffers and their invitees. Your one-minute video is due April 25, 2011 by 11:59 pm Eastern time. Check out the blog post for the full schedule.

And if you enter, keep us posted! You'll find useful tips on video for speakers below.

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