Monday, May 16, 2011

3 unexpected things Twitter can add to your next talk

Maybe you've started to get used to an audience full of tweeters, soliciting audience questions on Twitter in advance of your talk, and using that platform to promote your presentation and share follow-up information after it's over. But there's much more Twitter can do to enhance your public speaking--and your audience's experience. Here are three unexpected options speakers can take advantage of:
  • Audio samples from your speech, or audio messages before or after you speak: These 6 services offer you several free options for sharing audio in a tweet, including voicemail direct to one user as well as audio any tweeter can hear. Using audio to enhance your Twitter communications before and after a speech is a natural advantage for speakers. Make sure you're recording yourself, and tweet a couple of great audio clips after the fact, or record some thoughts before or after to share with your followers.
  • Speakers' market research on Lanyrd: Sign in with Twitter, and you can see which conferences your Twitter followers are interested in, on this site that serves as a social network for speakers, conferences and conferees. Then use that information and fill out your speaker and attendee profile, so you can more easily connect with people you already follow and make sure they know about your next gig.
  • Taglines and novel ways to summarize your speech: The TED blog noticed this first when online organizer Eli Pariser's TED talk was tweeted, yielding several creative taglines and summaries in Twitter's short-form limits. You can read the full list at the link, then start looking at tweets about your talk. Which ones make the best taglines or descriptors? Use them, with credit for the creative tweeter, to give your speech longer legs.
How do you use Twitter to enhance your public speaking? Leave word in the comments.

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ProfPete said...

Denise, I am glad to have stumbled across your blog today (via Twitter). Thanks for these suggestions for other ways to use Twitter as a speaker. I particularly like the idea of sending an audio tweet in advance or post the presentation - very creative.