Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What's holding you back from more or better public speaking?

When it comes to public speaking, what's holding you back? Your barriers to more or better public speaking might involve internal factors, like your skill levels, your lack of confidence or your lack of experience. But external factors also might stand in your way, things out of your control.

Do you think you'd be able to speak more, or speak better, if some barriers were removed? Put another way, what do you think is standing in your way? I asked readers to share the barriers they think are holding them back from more or better public speaking. Here's what a few readers on The Eloquent Woman on Facebook said:

    • Naieema Jackson When I get nervous I tend to get tongue tied and it's embarrassing for me
      October 9 at 10:42am ·  ·  1 person

    • Robin Ferrier ‎1. Time. If I'm presenting, I'm not getting work done and the work is still waiting when I get back. 2. Finding public speaking opportunities. That's work in and of itself.
      October 9 at 10:48am · 

    • Odumo Tari ‎1. Grammatical errors 2. pronouncitions
      October 9 at 4:44pm · 

You can help the blog today by sharing what's holding you back from more public speaking or better public speaking, in the comments below--you can always make your comments anonymous.  I'll be working on posts that help you break down those barriers, so your contributions will help shape content on the blog. Thanks for contributing!

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