Monday, April 11, 2011

Share your public speaking quest: What are you seeking on this blog?

 started this blog to fill a gap I kept finding about women and public speaking. Women weren't featured enough on programs, their words weren't always preserved and in many periods of history, they were prevented from speaking. So I went in search of good public speaking advice, plus research and information about why women's public speaking challenges might be different than those that men face.

Since starting the blog, I've had lots of nice feedback from readers and from my trainees, who use the blog as an ongoing source of follow-up advice after our training and coaching sessions in public speaking and presenting, here in Washington, DC and all over the world. Many readers are speechwriters and speaker coaches seeking to learn more about the women with whom they work.

But new readers join our discussions every day, here on the blog, via email, in the free monthly newsletter Step Up Your Speaking, on Twitter, and on The Eloquent Woman on Facebook. And I know enough to know that I can't imagine all the ideas, questions and challenges you've come here with.

I'm inviting you to share in the comments your answers to two questions:  Who are you? and What are you looking for here? One of my favorite bloggers about science, Ed Yong, just revived this idea on his blog and it's turned up hundreds of interesting comments. 

I'd like to know whether you're already a frequent speaker, or haven't yet walked up to a microphone; what motivates you to learn about speaking; whether you're like a friend of mine whose public speaking mostly consists of talking into a speakerphone on hours-long conference calls on which no one can see her.  Don't forget to add what you're looking for, please. Asking what you need to know is what has kept this blog on track for a long time now. 

Knowing some of the readers, I will guess that the most valuable part of this exercise will be learning--all of us, together--what's out there in terms of people's hopes and aspirations about speaking.

Now it's your turn:  Who are you?  Share who you are and why you're here in the comments. And thanks for reading.

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