Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Plan B presenting, from tech speaker and reporter David @Pogue

Have you prepared that other presentation you're giving--the plan B version? That's the version you'll wind up giving when something goes wrong, so you may as well rehearse for it.

If that sounds pessimistic, consider this: Most frequent speakers quickly find themselves working out plan B, C, D and beyond when it comes to presentations and speeches. New York Times technology reporter David Pogue, one such speaker, recently described his own adventures with talks where the on-site technology and his plans for the presentation didn't match. He's seen plenty of work-arounds and would-be crises, and concludes, "In the high-stakes world of public speaking, only one rule applies: Whatever works."

You can glean plenty from Pogue's detailed description of what he aims for when presenting, and where his hosts' venues fall short (and what happens after that). To get your own plan B presentation ready, check out my checklist for the whole speaker, a step-by-step preparation guide that covers technology as well as your content, appearance, mindset, audience and more. What's your plan B? Share it in the comments.

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