Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Speaker trainers and speechwriters: A workshop on working with experts

I'm offering a workshop in late August for communicators, fundraisers and others who work with experts--from scientists and engineers to policy experts--that I think also works well for speaker trainers and speechwriters. Be an Expert on Working with Experts is a one-day workshop will focus on helping you do a better job working with experts. We'll focus on skills like:

  • How to anticipate your experts' default communications style, how to help them see it, and how to show them what public and media audiences want instead;
  • Why they don't need to "dumb down" their information to communicate clearly (and how to handle other common objections they raise);
  • How to assess your experts' skills and training needs, to help you approach coaching in savvy ways; 
  • Handling hands-on training, giving feedback to smart people, pushback and Q&A when you're training experts. Find out what they don't know--but won't tell you--and how to fix that.

Many times, experts' default communications styles run directly counter to the advice and coaching you'd give them when communicating to a non-technical audience. The workshop's designed to help you turn that situation around so you (and your client) can be more effective. You'll get an early registration discount if you sign up by August 5, so register today! I welcome your questions and hope you'll share this with interested colleagues.

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