Tuesday, September 27, 2011

No projector? No problem. Use QR codes + SlideShare to share your slides

Here's a useful and easy social-media option speakers can use to put their slides into the hands of the audience right away--even if there's no projector or the projector's not working. From the SlideShare blog, we learn how: First, upload your slides to SlideShare, the popular website for making slides easily available. Then create a QR or "quick response" code like the graphical bar code at right  with a link to the SlideShare version of your presentation. The code embeds an easy-to-scan version of the web address where your slides reside.
From there, your audience members can scan the code to bring your slides up on their smartphones or tablet computers. It's easy for the audience, and much faster than typing a URL.

Todd Ogasawara came up with the steps for this great tactic, which he used when presenting in a restaurant venue where no projector or screen would be available, something that often happens at awards events or professional networking events. Speakers and presenters also could put this approach to work in such speaking situations as:

  • Presentations or demos in a booth at an exhibit;
  • Poster sessions at scientific meetings;
  • "Greener" conferences where paper handouts are discouraged;
  • Work sessions where you want to include slides in the discussion on an impromptu basis, or on the fly;
  • Demos outdoors or in non-traditional settings: on a construction site, at a restaurant, in a hallway, in a cab. 
And of course, every speaker should have this tactic as a backup plan should the projector fail. I'm going to add it to my arsenal of "just in case" tactics, and bring a QR code for the slides that can be easily photocopied and shared with the audience. How about you? Share how or when you might use this option in the comments. And don't forget: The Eloquent Woman on Facebook includes the SlideShare app, so you can easily share your slides with us there. Please do!

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