Thursday, November 3, 2011

A guide to slides for non-designers: Presentation find of the week

If you've ever wanted to create eye-popping slides that will hold your audience in thrall and break you out of PowerPoint forever, have I got the post for you. In Slide Design for Developers, Zach Holman shares a look at his successful presentation slides and breaks down the factors--color, type size, orientation to the audience and more--that anyone can replicate. And just like any good presenter, he recommends you look at your slides as the audience will do:
A good set of slides won’t magically make your talk great. But a great talk is really hurt by terrible slides. Spend some time thinking about your slides. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes: is this readable? Is this interesting? Should I pay attention, or should I get my laptop out and hack until lunch?
It's a simple post, not a long read, but every word in this guide counts. Try his recommendations and see what happens.

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