Thursday, December 15, 2011

Will you get a TED Live membership?

Speakers who watch TED talks for pointers and inspiration should know about a new option for accessing the popular-but-sold-out conference: TED Live memberships.

The new option offers individuals or groups the chance to sit in--virtually--during the TED and TEDxGlobal conferences as they occur. You'll also get a subscription to books by TED speakers, a Kindle Fire tablet (useful for watching talks), and year-round special content on the TED online community. If you miss the live broadcast, you can watch a catch-up version within a couple of hours.

According to Mashable:
The membership will have tiered prices depending on the institution. It costs $995 a year for individuals and primary or secondary schools and $2,500 for colleges, universities and small businesses. Up to 10 people can watch the talks with the individual membership and 50 people can watch with the business package.
Read more about it in this article and see the package details here. Will you or your company sign up for a membership?

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