Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Updates from the blog: Lists, networks and more

On the blog and The Eloquent Woman on Facebook, I've been making visible and not-so-visible changes. Here's an update for you:

  • New lists for new information options:  I've created a series of special mailing lists so you can be sure to get the updates you want about upcoming workshops, training options for groups and individuals, ebooks and more. In some cases, I've created specific waitlists for specific workshops, or you can ask for information on all upcoming workshops. And of course, you can sign up for my free monthly newsletter, Speakers & Communicators. Use this link to see all your information options and sign up for the lists you prefer.
  • New publishing network: I'm proud to say that The Eloquent Woman is now part of the BlogHer Publishing Network. On the blog, you'll see ads from the BlogHer Network, along with links to other women's blogs in the network. I'm going to BlogHer 2012, this coming August in New York City, so let me know if you'll be at the conference, too.
  • New Facebook timeline:  The Eloquent Woman on Facebook, nearly 2,700 readers strong, has converted to the new timeline look for pages, a cleaner design. (I've included the cover photo for this iteration here in the post, so you'll recognize it when you see it on the page.) Already a fan? Then please share the page with your Facebook friends.

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