Monday, August 6, 2012

How did you get started in public speaking?

Was it a conference call? A work presentation? Or did your first public speaking effort vault you before a big audience? I'm curious to hear where you took your first step in public speaking, about how you got started. It doesn't have to be a speech, but I'm thinking mostly about out-of-school experiences in the workplace or the community.

Tell us about your audience, your subject matter, the setting and especially, tell us how did it feel to try public speaking for the first time? What kind of reaction did you get? How did you react to it? What kind of preparation (if any) did you do? What would you advise someone else who's new to public speaking?

Please share your getting-started-in-speaking story in the comments. I'm sure the newbies in our readership will appreciate hearing your stories--and you'll get the chance to see how far you've come.